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50th Day of School

October 19, 2017

This is how we do the 50th Day of School at the “Cub” campus of LLCA! There’s a whole lot-ta cuteness at this sock hop!  Fonzie from Happy Days would give them a thumbs up with a big "Aaaaaaayyyy"!


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Thinking Pink in October

October 19, 2017

One of the things that LLCA cares about is trying to foster empathy for others within our students. We want them to look outside of their own circumstances and see how they might help another. This also helps them be more aware of issues that concern the community in which we live . On October 18th, students and staff who participated brought in $3 and wore pink for Breast Cancer Research. The total raised from all 3 campuses is $454.25. This amount will be given to the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run in Huntsville.  Below is a picture of Mrs. Debbie Holland's 1st graders that were thinking pink!  There were many others, too, and we thank you all!


Who's Up For A Guessing Game?

October 18, 2017

Where in the world are our principals this week ???


Can you guess ?


Lion Institute 2017 1st Week

October 17, 2017
By Carla W.

On Monday, October 16th, creativity was blossoming at the Main campus! It was the first day of Lion Institute Classes for 2017 and everyone seemed happy to be taking part. If you are new to LLCA, Lion Institute is a fun, interactive, and educational enrichment class after school hours that involves something the students are interested in. Mrs. Ginger Ward, Director of Lion Institute and LLCA’s F.O.C.U.S./Gifted program always has great teachers lined up that just cannot wait to get those young minds wondering, thinking, and learning! Students choose and register for the class that interests them the most out of the offerings and below are some of these classes.


First, here is “Art with Heart” taught by Mrs. Libby Tanner. The first week was about learning the color wheel, how colors can be mixed, and about how these colors can make you feel. I was just thinking about the color RED and you know…I’m getting a little hungry. Popcorn is sounding like a good idea right now… oh, sorry… back to the classes!


Here is the Art with Heart gang taking it all in! Miss Emma in the middle must be thinking about the color yellow that makes you happy. :)  Next week, and the week after, these little artists will be ready to do murals and paint on canvases. I can’t wait to see which colors they will use!


This is the Ooey Gooey Science Class taught by Mrs. Roland. In this class, kids get to have fun with different science experiments that they can really get their hands in and sometimes it’s a little messy! The first class taught the kids how to make Lemon Volcanoes! I wonder what science experience they will do next week. I don’t know yet, but I bet it’s something sticky and gooey! We’ll just have to stay tuned.


Next is the Creative Cooking Class, taught by Ms. Debbie Hughes, where kids learn to make creative and edible treats while learning culinary skills. In the first class, the kids used sugar wafers, tinted melting candies in pink and white, and a chocolate chip to make the cutest edible pencils!!


How creative! I’m sure the cooking room smelled really good too!

And last but not least is the Pinterest Interest Class, taught by Mrs. Sharon VanderWal, where kids take items they have saved on Pinterest and make them come to life!  Sounds like another very creative , very crafty bunch!  This week, kids made little monsters from small jars, cupcake liners, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.  Way to get your craft on girls! 

Overall, looks like a lot of fun was had.  See you all next week for the 2nd week of  Lion Institute 2017!


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