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A Personal Story of Growth and Giving

August 11, 2017
By Carla W.

"Let the little children come to me.  For they are the kingdom's pride and joy..." Luke 18:16


I’ve been working for Lindsay Lane Christian Academy in one role or another for about 5 years now and, although I’m sure I cannot adequately describe what it means to be touched by this special God-blessed school, I am flat out, no holds barred, going to try.

The ministry of LLCA is something that is very near and dear to my heart. Its mission is about transforming lives. I genuinely, with all my heart, believe that the work done at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy is a ministry with a huge impact. I have the benefit of seeing the proof of that day in and day out. Students that say their favorite class is Bible because of the daily application conversations they have together in class, a teacher inspiring the love of a foreign language through mission trip stories that create a spark of interest, that special staff member that stops what they are doing to pray with a student no matter how busy they are at the time, a chapel assembly where everyone is reminded how honoring to God it is to be humble, gentle, patient, and kind, the excellent academic classes being taught through a God lens and students hearing their infinite worth as an image bearer of Christ and that they are, in fact, “fearfully and wonderfully made”. I could go on…

I can personally say that my own life has been changed through LLCA. Although my daughter reaps the priceless advantages of being a part of this school and thrives at it, I want to share my own personal experience. When my child first started school here, I began volunteering my time and resources to LLCA because I wanted to give my daughter’s class, well, a fun experience and I wanted to help her teacher, too.  But let’s be honest… it was more because it benefitted my own child. The more my daughter shared with me about her school days, the more I was there volunteering, and the more involved I was with the school staff, the more I began to see that LLCA is one big family… a family that puts Jesus first and reflects Jesus in their words and actions. The extra time, the extra encouragement, the attitude of love and grace shown daily inside these walls are just unparalleled to anything I’ve seen before at a school. Now I’m not suggesting that it’s perfect at all, but God’s definitely working through individuals, from the support staff all the way to the top leadership, and through us as parents. If you haven’t noticed it, I respectfully ask that you look more closely.

So this began my shift in thought those years ago. It caused me to want to do more, not just admire the blessings my daughter received from the school, but to actually be one of the vessels that could help encourage, teach, and reach more students here at Lindsay Lane. Through teaching and administrative support to development and outreach, I fell deeper in love with this precious school and the people in it. I just would not want my daughter anywhere else. My husband and I agree that the “Continuing the Vision… Together” campaign is very important for the future of our school. We feel led to help support the expansion which will make room for our current students and new students to experience this extraordinary education. The construction of the new classrooms, the technology infrastructure that supports teaching in a variety of ways, the parking lot, the FEMA-rated storm shelter that will keep our students safe in dangerous situations… these are not “wants”… they are needs. In general, tuition doesn’t pay for buildings at private Christian schools and since not supporting this need was just not an option for us, we decided to give financially to the campaign and are doing so each month and will be doing for quite some time like so many of you are. We saw that it would grow the school and His kingdom and it was also an opportunity to grow ourselves.  We knew life would look very different for us after committing a certain amount to the building campaign along with our church giving. There would not be any big family vacations very soon, not as much eating out, and not as much spending on all those little extra things we like to spend on that add up, but we decided as a family that was okay. I am glad I have this opportunity to teach my daughter how things work out when a school family rallies together to help each other. I am even more excited to see how this experience shapes her into a more grateful and more giving person tomorrow than she is today through the examples set before her.  As for my own experience, I have gained a pure and unadulterated joy accompanied by a remarkable peace. It really doesn’t get better than that.

What is your story? ... What influenced your joyful giving?

Budding Astronomers

August 10, 2017

Some of our LLCA students blasted off on a journey through the universe today when James Brelsford from The Space and Rocket Center and his wife, Carolyn, set up a portable, inflatable planetarium for our main campus students to be dazzled on a tour of the solar system. Inside the inflatable dome, students were amazed by the star-filled sky and an exploration of the planets inside.


Thank you Mrs. LouAllen (one of our amazing 5th grade teachers) for setting this up for, not only your class, but for the rest of main campus students to enjoy as well, today. It is always a blessing to see the students’ faces filled with awe while learning about God’s magnificent creation. We appreciate Mrs. LouAllen for helping instill this in her students as well as a passion for science!

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