73 found.
Name Title Email Phone Website
Anderson, Christy 2nd Grade Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Anderson, Leslie HS History Teacher Email 256-497-3101
Anderson, Pamela MS/HS Teacher Email 256-971-0108
Bailey, Sarah Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Biggs, Cheryl MS Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Bishop, Olivia 4th Grade Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Blaylock, Amy 2nd Grade Teacher Email 256-233-0411
Bonner, Brenna Email
Butcher, Julie Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Canedy, Emily Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Clanton, Sharon Email 2562333778
Clements, Gabe PE Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Coggin, Amber Dyslexia Assistant/Small Group Leader Email 256-262-5323
Covi, Sandy Financial Peace/Bible Email 256-233-3778
Dewitt, Kathryn Robotics Sponsor Email 256-233-3778
Doshier, Stephanie Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Downs, Erin Computer and Music Teacher Email 256-233-0411
Dye, Chris HS History Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Ellison, Megan PE Teacher Email 256-233-0411
Evans, LaTonya Administrative Assistant- Cub Email 256-233-0411
Frasier, Amy Elementary Principal Email 256-262-5323
Furlong, Roberta Special Learners/Dyslexia Email 256-497-3601
Glass, Amanda Bible/Health Teacher Email 256-233-5323
Graves, Carey HS Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Hale, Carrie Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Hall, Cindy Dyslexia Center Director Email 256-262-5323
Haynes, Elizabeth Spanish/Music Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Hill, Holly Elementary Director Email 256-233-0411
Holland, Debbie 1st Grade Teacher Email 256-233-0411
Holland, Velvet Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-233-0411
Hughes, Debbie Special Learners Email 256-262-5323
Hundley, Hobbs Band Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Jones, Carol Science/Math Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Kennemer, Hillary Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Lauderback, Greg MS/HS Spanish Email 256-233-3778
LouAllen, Stacy 5th Grade Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Luttrull, Scott MS/HS Principal Email 256-233-3778
McCullough, Leah Administrative Assistant Mane Email 256-262-5323
Menefee, Shaviny Elementary PE Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Mills, Melissa MS Computer Teacher/Dir. of Dev. Email 256-233-3778
Mitchell, Ashley 4th Grade Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Morgan, Josie Business Manager Email 256-262-5328
Morrison, Jennifer full time mom Email
Moss, Linda Art Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Murr, Stephen Head of School Email 256-262-5323
Perkins, Jennifer Sub Coordinator Email 256-262-5323
Pettus, Jana HS Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Pieper, Ali MS Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Pirtle, Shea K4 Teacher Email 256-431-7512
Ratje, Denise MS Teacher Email 205-266-7840
Riddle, Jessa 1st grade teacher Email 256-233-0411
Riley, Rebecca HS Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Roesner, Heather 3rd Grade Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Roland, Maria 3rd Grade Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Roth, Melinda Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Simpkins, Wayne Physics and Calculus Teacher Email (256) 233-3778
Smith, Paula K3 Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Sonnenberg, Janelle Dyslexia Administrative Assistant/Tutor Email (256) 233-3778
Stephens, Melinda Counselor/MS Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Stroud, Connie K3 Teacher Email 256-233-0411
Tanner, Elizabeth K5 Teacher Email 256-233-0411
Thackston, Jonathan Director of Discipleship Email 256-233-3778
Tilley, Sheri Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-262-5323
Turpen, Wendy Administrative Assistant- Den Email 256-233-3778
VanderWal, Sharon 5th grade Teacher Email 256-262-5323
Von Kanel, Brittany Media Specialist/Bible Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Ward, Ginger FOCUS Email 256-233-3778
Weldy, Cascia K5 Teacher Email 256-233-0411
White, Katie HS Public Speaking Email 256-233-3778
Williams, Katrina MS Teacher Email 256-233-3778
Wilson, John Athletic Director Email 256-233-3778
Wood, Regina Dyslexia Tutor Email 256-233-0411
Zielinski, Kim K4 Teacher Email 256-233-0411