LLCA is committed to maintaining a faculty that is highly qualified and called of God to Christian Education.  You may click on Administration, Upper School or Lower School to see individual pictures and information for faculty members.

80 found.
Photo Name Title Email Phone Website
  Anderson, Christy 2nd Grade Teacher Email 256-232-0020
  Anderson, Leslie Email
  Anderson, Pamela Art, Bible, Health Teacher Email 2569710108
  Barofsky, Kristen Math Teacher Email
  Biggs, Cheryl Science Teacher Email (256) 233-3778
  Blaylock, Amy 2nd Grade Teacher Email 256-233-0411
  Brown, Jordon Teacher Email
  Butcher, Julie Dyslexia Tutor Email
  Coggin, Amber Teacher Email
  Colwell, Nikki English and Bible Teacher Email
  Covi, Sandy Financial Peace Email 256-233-3778
  Covin, Jill History, Bible, Duel Enrollment Teacher Email 252-233-3778
  Deiter, Tabatha Spanish Teacher Email
  Dewitt, Kathryn Robotics Sponsor Email (256) 233-3778
  Doshier, Stephanie Dyslexia Tutor Email
  Downs, Erin Teacher Email
  Evans, LaTonya Administrative Assistant- Cub Email
  Fairley, Nanette 4th Grade Teacher Email
  Fowler, Christy Dyslexia Tutor
  Frasier, Amy Elementary Principal Email 256-262-5323
  Glass, Amanda Service Writer Email
  Gooch, Angie 6-12th grade Principal Email (256) 233-3778
  Gooch, Eddie Bible Teacher/Pastor Email (256) 232-5892
  Graves, Carey Math Teacher Email
  Griggs, Bradley Email
  Hale, Carrie Dyslexia Tutor Email
  Hall, Cindy Dyslexia Center Director Email (256) 262-5323
  Hargrave, Verona Dyslexia Tutor Email (256) 233-0411
  Haynes, Elizabeth Spanish Teacher Email
  Heath, Andrea Email
  Hill, Holly Elementary Director Email 256-233-0411
  Holland, Debbie 1st Grade Teacher Email 256-233-0411/256-262-5323
  Holland, Velvet K5 Teacher Email 256-233-0411
  Hughes, Debbie Email
  Jones, Carol Science/Math Teacher Email
  Kennemer, Hillary Dyslexia Tutor Email
  Kyle, Davin Middle School Band Email
  Lauderback, Greg Teacher Email
  LouAllen, Stacy 5th Grade Teacher Email
  Luttrull, Scott Principal Email
  Madagan, Angela (Angie) PE Teacher at Cub Email 256-851-4570
  McCormick, Lauren PE Teacher Email 2562625323
  McCullough, Leah Administrative Assistant- Mane Email
  McCullough, Leah Mane Campus Administrative Asst Email 256-262-5323 Website
  Menefee, Shaviny Elementary PE Teacher Email
  Mitchell, Ashley 4th Grade Teacher Email 256-262-5323
  Moore, T.J. Media Specialist Email
  Morgan, Cody Email
  Morgan, Josie Business Manager Email 256-262-5328
  Moss, Linda Art
  Murr, Stephen Head of School Email 256-262-5323
  Orosz, Cathy Dyslexia Tutor Email (256) 262-5323
  Pasqualotto, Sandra K5 Teacher Email 256-233-0411
  Pieper, Ali Email
  Pirtle, Shea K4 Teacher Email 2564317512
  Ratje, Denise Teacher Email 2052667840
  Riley, Rebecca Middle/High School Specials Teacher Email
  Roesner, Heather 5th Grade Teacher Email
  Roland, Maria 3rd Grade Teacher Email
  Roth, Melinda Dyslexia Tutor
  Simpkins, Wayne Physics and Calculus Teacher Email (256) 233-3778
  Smith, Paula K3 Teacher Email 256-262-5323
  Sonnenberg, Janelle Dyslexia Administrative Assistant/Tutor Email (256) 233-3778
  Stephens, Melinda Counselor Email
  Stroud, Connie K3 Teacher Email 256-233-0411
  Swearengin, Jane Dyslexia Tutor
  Tanner, Elizabeth
  Thornton, Chelsee Teacher Email
  Tilley, Sheri Dyslexia Tutor
  Tonge, Meagan 3rd Grade Teacher Email (256) 262-5323
  Turpen, Wendy Administrative Assistant- Den Email 256-233-3778
  VanderWal, Sharon Teacher Email 256-262-5323
  Von Kanel, Brittany 1st Grade Teacher Email 256-233-0411
  Ward, Ginger FOCUS Director Email 256-233-3778
  Weldy, Cascia K4 Teacher Email
  Williams, Katrina Accountant Email 256-722-0000 x208
  Wilson, John Athletic Director Email
  Wood, Regina Dyslexia Tutor Email
  Woods, Carla Administrative Assistant- Main Email 256-262-5323
  Zielinski, Kim K-4 teacher Email 256-262-5323