5th Grade Summer Reading


Read the novel, “From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basill E. Frankweiler”, by E.L. Konigsburg. may use the audio version of this novel if preferred. Answer each of the following questions using a spiral bound notebook or composition book. Title each page with the chapter you are working on. There is no need to write the question. Address the question in your answer. Example:

Chapter 1

1. The author of this book is ...

2. Claudia is planning to run away to ...

Please bring your notebook to class on the first day of school for class discussion and activities.


From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

Chapter 1

1. Who is the author of From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler?

2. Where was Claudia planning on running away to?

3. Why did Claudia want to run away?

4. What did Claudia have to give up in order to save money to run away?

5. What valuable item did Claudia find when she was doing her chores?

6. Why were Jamie and Claudia a perfect match for running away?


Chapter 2

1. Why was Jamie so noisy when he walked?

2. What did Claudia do on the way to the train station?

3. How did Claudia get Jamie to stop being upset about not hiding out in the woods?


Chapter 3

1. How did they get from Grand Central to the museum?

2. What did Claudia mean when she told her brother that they needed to be inconspicuous?

3. What did Claudia always correct about her brother?

4. Where did Claudia want to sleep inside of the museum?

5. Why do you think Jamie and Claudia were unease as they lay in the antique bed?


Chapter 4

1. Why did Claudia and Jamie hide their things in several different places?

2. How did Jamie almost get caught on their first morning in the museum?

3. Why did Claudia shove Jamie while they were in line for the Italian Renaissance room?

4. Why had 100,000 people gathered at the museum?

5. What was in the New York Times that Claudia didn’t notice?

6. What mystery did the children want to solve?


Chapter 5:

1. What did the children learn about Michelangelo when they were studying in the library?

2. Why wasn’t closing time at the museum routine on Saturday night?

3. Where did the children bathe?

4. Where did Jamie find an income for them?


Chapter 6:

1. What clue did Jamie and Claudia find from the angel?

2. How were the children going to tell the museum about the clue they found?

3. Describe what Michelangelo’s masonry mark looked like?

Chapter 7:

1. Why was Jamie upset about renting the post office box?

2. Why was the school group that came that day so familiar?

3. How did Jamie and Claudia have the letter delivered to the museum office?


Chapter 8:

1. What did Claudia want to learn about today?

2. Ask your teacher if you may use the internet to find out what the U.N. is and describe it below.

3. How did Claudia feel after she read the letter from the museum director?

4. Where do the children decide to go instead of going home?


Chapter 9:

1. What does Claudia mean when she says that they were paupers now on page 124?

2. How did Mrs. Frankweiler know who Jamie and Claudia were?

3. Why did Claudia take so long to get to lunch?

4. What deal did Mrs. Frankweiler make with Claudia?

5. Where did the children find out if Michelangelo had carved the angel?

6. Why didn’t Mrs. Frankweiler want the museum to have the sketch of the angel?

7. What new thing did Mrs. Frankweiler want to experience?


Chapter 10:

1. Who called Jamie and Claudia’s parents to let them where the kids were?

2. What is Mrs. Frankweiler last secret?

3. What new secret did the children have?