A/B Calendar

What is A/B scheduling? 

LLCA is using an A/B block schedule this year for the middle and high school.  First, second and third period classes on the A schedule are taught on Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday while first, second and third periods on the B schedule are taught on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday.  Fourth period is a traditional class which meets every day for approximately 50 minutes.  The student schedule shows Friday as an “A” class because the “A” class will meet on the first Friday of the year.  You will need to consult the A/B calendar to know when classes will meet throughout the year. The block schedule we have chosen differs from a typical block schedule in how often and for how many semesters a course meets.  In the typical block schedule students take four classes for a semester with each class meeting daily.  In an A/B schedule student courses will meet every other day for the entire year.  This provides the benefit of having no lapse in instruction in courses which build. The longer class periods will allow students to do more of their practice under the direct supervision of the teachers rather than at home.  However, teachers will be expected to cover twice the material previously taught in the traditional 50 minute period. Other advantages include being able to complete science lab work in one day rather than requiring students to begin work one day and finish the next.  Students would have more time for tests which sometimes run long in the high school, and with fewer classes meeting each day less time is lost in the changing of classes.

http://www.lindsaylanechristianacademy.org/editoruploads/files/A_B_Calendar_2018-2019.pdfLindsay Lane Christian Academy 2016-2017 Daily Schedule