FOCUS Program

LLCA is pleased to offer a program to meet the needs of higher ability learners.  The FOCUS program provides enrichment in grades 1-8 as a pull out for qualifying students meeting once a week.  The cost for this pull out is $200 per month.


Qualifying students may be admitted to the program at the beginning of each nine weeks.  Please contact Ginger Ward at if you have any questions.


Criteria for FOCUS:

At LLCA we use a triad (teacher recommendation, Terra Nova scores, and classroom grades) to determine eligibility for FOCUS.  Parents will receive an email or letter by mail inviting students to join the FOCUS program.

Any student who scores below an 80 on their progress report or report card will be placed on probation.  The students will be dismissed from the program if the grade does not increase by the next progress report/report card.