Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Course Descriptions

6th Grade Courses

Arithmetic (McGraw-Hill Math Connects Course 2)

This course will cover concepts such as expressions and patterns, equations and inequalities, proportions and similarity, and probability and predictions. Each lesson is designed to help the student learn to problem solve.

Language Arts (A Beka)

Language C from ABeka gives a thorough, systematic presentation of grammar, composition, and mechanics in a clear and appealing manner. Of special help to the student are the explanations and demonstrations of the writing process. Features of this language text include cumulative Looking Back sections at the end of each unit and the Student Writer’s Handbook, the writing reference section at the end of the book.

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry (A Beka)

Students study spelling and vocabulary words by various prefixes, suffixes, and roots in this text from A Beka Book publishers. 34 word lists (8 review lessons and 3 spelling challenge lessons) include interesting exercises such as Test Your Proofreading, Test Your Spelling Mastery, and “Test Your Understanding” for reinforcement. Eight poems for memorization are included in the back of the book.

Bible (Positive Action for Christ- Winning the Race)

Following the biblical them of athletic competition, students are led through this study to see the Christian life as a test of courage, inner strength, and ultimate victory. Drawing from various Bible characters and an overview of the book of Revelation, students will learn how the principles of God’s Word can help them gain victory in the race of life. The purpose of the material is to develop the inner person by challenging the heart as well as the head.

History (BJU Press)

World Studies published by BJU Press is rewritten and updated to provide a fresh look at the civilizations of the world through the lens of a Christian worldview. This edition begins with a brief review of history from Creation to the coming of Christ and progresses in a chronological journey around the world studying the ebb and flow of empires, cultures, Christianity, and world religions, concluding with an examination of the trends of the emerging 21st century.

Reading (BJU Press)

Reading 6 engages students with a variety of character-building stories and classic literature selections. An emphasis on literary elements, higher-level thinking skills, and vocabulary enrichment provides a bridge to upper level literature classes.

Science (BJU Press)

Science 6 reveals the incredible intricacies of cells and organisms, matter and energy, astronomy, heredity, the nervous system, and the immune system. This elementary science curriculum includes exciting, but manageable science experiments and science projects.

7th Grade Courses

Arithmetic (McGraw-Hill Math Connects Course 3)

This work-text from McGraw-Hill gives a strong review of all arithmetic concepts and skills with a year-long emphasis upon mastering and applying percents. Other branches of mathematics include algebra, plane and solid geometry, statistics, and trigonometry. Two units on basic algebra give the junior-high student the foundation he needs to enjoy and succeed in high school algebra. Practical topics such as adjusting recipes, banking, and reading the electric meter appeal to students and teachers alike. Helpful features include Problem Solving Strategies, charts, glossary, and index.

Pre-algebra (McGraw-Hill)

Students will seek to develop both mathematical understanding and procedural skills as they study relationships between quantities, linear relationships, exponential and quadratic relationships, advanced functions and equations, and data analysis.

Language Arts (A Beka)

Grammar and Composition work-text for grade 7 from A Beka Book publishers includes clear explanation of traditional grammar, diagramming, research skills, in depth study of eight parts of speech, and a convenient end-of-book handbook of all grammar rules learned that year.

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry (A Beka)

This worktext from A Beka Book publishers contains 24 word lists and 4 nine-week review lessons. Each word list has 20 spelling words and 7 vocabulary words. Exercises are included for working with vocabulary words. Eight poetry selections chosen for their literary beauty and character building themes are provided for memorization.

Bible (Positive Action for Christ – Wise Up)

In middle school, young people face more and more decisions on their own. Soon they find that their new freedoms are followed by greater responsibility and higher expectations. Wise Up encourages students to study the wisdom of God in Proverbs, allowing Him to shape their lives into the image of His Son, Christ.

Literature (BJU Press)

Explorations in Literature published by BJU Press offers a diverse compilation of stories, poems, and essays from a variety of authors and genres grouped by theme to develop critical thinking skills. Vocabulary glosses explain unfamiliar words within the literature selections. Thinking Zone pages throughout the book ask questions to encourage the student to think about literature on at least four levels: comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and appreciation.

History (BJU Press- The American Republic)

American Republic is a survey of United States history, intended to give a solid foundation of knowledge about the heritage of this country. Throughout this history course are many examples of people who either followed God’s standard or failed to do so, From those examples, student will see the truth of God in action and develop values and principles for living.

Science (BJU Press)

Students will learn the science of life in this colorful textbook that displays an engaging design sure to grab their attention from the very first day. Each chapter of Life Science includes well-researched material written at grade level, colorful images to reinforce text content, boxes with fun facts and helpful explanations, a list of key terms, a chapter summary, thought-provoking review questions, and extra questions to prepare students for standardized tests. Students will study cell biology, genetics, the history of life, microbiology, botany, zoology, ecology, and human anatomy and physiology, all within a biblical framework.

Middle School Art

Art enables students to enjoy and appreciate beauty, drama, suspense and similar emotions. It expresses the wonder of Creation and can uplift our spirits. Art can also be a wonderful form of self- expression and self-realization. Art at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy is art appreciation. We desire to help our students appreciate and enjoy wonderful art which glorifies God by the beautiful and meaningful expression of man’s perceptions in relation to the created world. Art class also helps students to appreciate diverse points of view and hones their analytical skills.

Middle School Spanish Glencoe Spanish

Upon completion of this course students will be able to communicate in Spanish in a real-life situation. The high-frequency, productive vocabulary presented at the beginning of the chapter focuses on a specific communicative topic and covers key situations where students would have to use Spanish to survive.

8th Grade Courses

Language Arts (A Beka)

This A Beka Book worktext contains an abundance of exercises for practicing the rules that are taught, and also gives a clear explanation of traditional grammar, with an in-depth study of the eight parts of speech. Book includes an extensive section on composition, with units on manuscript form, the writing process, the library, making an outline, the paragraph, summaries, book reports, writing descriptions, the research paper, and improving writing style. This book includes a convenient end-of-book handbook of all grammar rules learned that year.

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry (A Beka)

28 vocabulary and spelling lists with 4 reviews to provide a carefully constructed and intriguing system for mastering spelling and vocabulary words. Each list has 20 spelling words keyed to spelling rules or frequently misspelled words and 10 vocabulary words with exercises for reinforcement. The book also includes 9 poems selected for their beauty of language, literary greatness, and character-building qualities.

History (BJU Press)

Cultural Geography 4th edition provides a survey of the earth and its resources, the use of those resources, and the geographic and cultural features of people in the various regions and countries of the world. It is neither simply a physical geography nor solely a study in regional geography. It combines all the varied elements of geography with a strong biblical philosophy. Students will learn how physical geography affects the political and economic aspects of countries and the way of life of their people.

Bible (Positive Action for Christ – Dynamic Christian Living)

Every Christian should desire to become like Christ. This study gives students the tools to begin their journey toward spiritual maturity. They will gain an understanding of introductory Christian doctrine, including salvation, the study of the Bible, and the power of prayer. Students will learn how to live out their love for God and share Him with others.

Literature (BJU Press)

Excursions in Literature provides a rich collection of literature selections to help students gain an appreciation and understanding of literary techniques as they study a variety of genres of literature from a range of cultures. Students are encouraged to develop and apply critical thinking skills as they analyze the literature pieces in light of a Christian worldview.

Pre-Algebra (BJU Press)

Students will seek to develop both mathematical understanding and procedural skills as they study relationships between quantities, linear relationships, exponential and quadratic relatiionships, advanced functions and equations, and data analysis.

Algebra I (McGraw-Hill)

Students will focus on intuitive problem solving skills that go beyond routine algebraic abilities to give them the opportunity to think creatively to solve puzzles and challenges through studying such topics as the real number system, linear equations and inequalities in one variable, linear equations and inequalities in two variables, systems of linear equations, exponents and polynomials, rational expressions and functions, radicals and rational exponents.

Science (Apologia- Physical Science)

Physical Science is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology. The text discusses such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics.

Health (Purposeful Design Publications)

This sensitive guide to health course for teens presents a well-rounded approach to physical, spiritual, mental and social health. Designed for middle-schoolers, this transitional class helps to explain the changes that are occurring in and around them. While assisting the student in better understanding their physical and spiritual well-being students are provided information to aide them in getting along with peers.

Latin (Latin for Americans, Level 1)

Students are challenged with reading connected Latin passages with comprehension of the Latin. The reading lessons are derived wherever possible from classical sources which provide a solid cultural basis for the student, offering many comparisons between ancient and modern life. The vocabulary has been chosen for the frequency of its occurrence in Latin literature and in English derivatives.