Middle and Upper School Supply List


6th Grade

PE Dept. shirt must be purchased from LLCA school office . Navy shorts must be modest, but may come from the vendor of your choice)

(1) Bible (NIV, ESV, NKJV, KJV are good options for Bible class.)

Pencils (and lead if using mechanical pencils)—several!!

(1) Package of black or blue pens

Loose leaf notebook paper (several packs)

(2) 3 inch binder with pocketed dividers for each subject

(1) Red pens/pencils for correcting

(1) White out/correction tape

(1) Package colored pencils

(1) Pack of lined index cards (3x5)

(1) Sharpies—multicolor pack (girls bring very fine tips/boys bring  fine point or medium point)

(1) Flash drive labeled with name

(1)Box of tissues

(1) Pack of cap erasers

(1) Pack of highlighters

(1) Germ-ex/hand sanitizer (medium to large size)

(1) Clorox or Lysol wipes


7th - 12th Grades

PE Uniforms: Navy athletic shorts purchased from the vendor of your choice with a PE Dept. shirt purchased from LLCA


Loose leaf, college-ruled paper

Blue or black ball point pens

Mechanical pencils

Colored pencils

Markers (Crayola or Sharpies)



(1) USB flash drive labeled with name

(2) 3-ring binder with pocket dividers/folders

(1) 3x5 lined note cards

(1) 4x6 lined note cards

(1) Homework assignment pad (7th graders will be provided with an assignment pad)

(1) Calculator (TI 84 Plus Silver Edition, for 8th-12th grade advanced math only)

(1) Protractor

(1) Compass

(1) 12-inch ruler with both English & Metric measurements

(1) Package graph paper

(2) Family-sized box of Kleenex

(1) Large bottle hand sanitizer

(2) Clorox wipes (multipack)


7th grade art

****Please bring supplies on the first day of the semester your child will have art*****

     9x12 multi-purpose paint paper/ mixed media paper

     2B and 4B drawing pencil (not charcoal)  or a drawing pencil set

     Kneaded rubber eraser

     White glue stick

     pencil pouch labeled with your child's name (supplies will be kept in the art room)

     one pkg baby wipes


10th grade art

****Please bring in the first day of second semester****

     2B drawing pencil (not charcoal)

     Kneaded rubber eraser

     Chisel edge (2mm) calligraphy marker

     Pencil pouch labeled with you child's name (supplies will be kept in the art room)



Visual Arts Elective

****Please bring in the first day of school****

     2B/4B/6B drawing pencils (not charcoal) or a pencil set

     Kneaded rubber eraser

     10x14 (or similar size) flat canvas

     9x12 pad of Bristol Board

     pencil pouch labeled with your child's name (supplies will be kept in the art room)