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All families wanting their child to play youth baseball or softball must fill out this registration form and send in the $100 check made out to LLCA ABC. If we don't have enough children for your child's age group then we will not cash your check and you will be notified so that you can still try to get them registered for another baseball or softball option.

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Youth Sports Coaches Registration Form

All Potential Youth Teams Coaches must fill out this Coaches Registration form. Another requirement is a background check. Instructions are on this form.

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Lindsay Lane Christian Academy


Athletic Booster Club


Lindsay Lane Christian Academy Athletic Booster Club Charter


Article I. Statement of Purpose


The Athletic Booster Club (ABC) exists to provide support for the athletes and athletic


programs of Lindsay Lane Christian Academy (LLCA). The ABC will promote an organization


that facilitates partnering between athletes, students, coaches, teachers, and parents. We are


committed to helping our students reach their highest potential in both athletic and academic


pursuits. We hope to promote an increased attitude of school spirit and enthusiasm for athletics


and the school in general. Our goal is to be a positive public relations agency to our community


and to promote a spirit of cooperation and unity between parents, students, coaches, teachers, and


administration. An important element of our support will be in our fund raising, volunteering,


and event support efforts as a means of providing additional support for athletics.


Everything done by the ABC will be in accordance with the doctrinal and philosophical positions


of LLCA and will seek to uphold Biblical and Christian principles in every situation.


Article II. Authority Structure


The ABC shall function in coordination with the Athletic Director of the school and shall be


under the authority of the Board of Directors.


Article III. Membership


Parents and friends of LLCA are eligible for membership.  Memberships will be available


throughout the school year.  A membership begins on September 1st


(regardless of what time of year membership is granted).


Article IV. Membership Dues


Annual membership dues shall be paid by October 1 for renewing members and upon joining for


new members. The amount shall be established annually.


Article V. Expulsion


A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the ABC’s general membership is the only requirement


necessary to expel a member of the ABC.  Expelled members may be granted a refund of their


current year’s membership dues by majority vote of the Executive Team.


Article VI. Officers and Elections


(1) The officers of the ABC shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and


Treasurer. The term of office shall be one year.  (2) The officers shall be elected by written ballot


annually at the last meeting of the school year.  If there is one nominee for any office, election


for that office may be by voice vote.  (3) Elected officers shall assume their official duties at the


start of the membership year, but shall serve in conjunction with current officers following the


close of the final school year meeting.  (4) A person shall not be eligible to serve more than two


consecutive terms in the same office.


Article VII. Committees


(1) There shall be three standing committees with an elected chairperson responsible for


organizing and overseeing the activities of the committee.  (2) The chairpersons shall be elected


by written ballot annually at the final meeting of the school year, with the term of office being


one year.  (3) Each chairperson shall be a member of the ABC in good standing.  (4) Elected


chairpersons shall assume their official duties at the start of the membership year, but shall serve


in conjunction with current officers following the close of the final school year meeting.  (5) The


standing committees are Fund Raising, Equipment and Facilities, and Concessions.


Article VIII. Executive Team and Duties


The Executive Team shall consist of the Athletic Director, the four elected officers, and the


elected committee chairpersons. Meetings of the Executive Team shall be scheduled by the


President. The President shall preside over these meetings with all officers, the Athletic Director,


and committee chairpersons being in attendance.  The Executive Team shall have the authority


to make financial decisions as necessary up to a limit of $500 under the following conditions: 


a) the decision does not deplete the available funds of the ABC, b) there is consent from three


Executive Team members, and c) one of the three consenters is the President or Vice-President.


The duties of each officer or chairperson are as follows:


1. President – shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Team and general meetings of


the ABC, and schedule said meetings as deemed necessary. The President shall be willing


to interact with LLCA administrators, board members and fellow organizations and/or


clubs at LLCA (e.g., Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)).  It shall be the responsibility


of the President to conduct the affairs of the ABC and the Executive Team, in a manner


consistent with the authority and responsibility pertaining to the office.


2. Vice-President – shall act as an aide to the President and shall, in the absence of the


President, discharge the duties of President. The chairpersons of the standing committees


shall report to, and be under the authority of, the Vice-President.


3. Secretary – shall give notice of all meetings of the Executive Team and ABC; and shall


attend all such meetings and keep a true and accurate record of all proceedings. The


Secretary shall keep a complete list of the names and addresses of all members of the


4. Treasurer – shall have custody of all records of the funds of the ABC; shall keep a


full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; and make disbursements as


authorized by the Executive Team. The Treasurer shall present a financial statement at


every meeting. All funds shall be deposited into a designated account as coordinated and


reported to the business office of LLCA.


5. Fund Raising Chairperson – shall, under the guidance of the Executive Team, design,


organize, implement, and coordinate all ABC sponsored fund raising activities. He/She


shall be responsible for recruiting committee members to assist in the discharge of the


duties and responsibilities of the committee.


6. Equipment and Facilities Chairperson – shall, under the guidance of the Executive


Team, coordinate the efforts of the committee members in the preparation, repair,


and installation of athletic equipment and facilities used in school sponsored athletic


programs. He/She shall be responsible for the recruiting of committee members to assist


in the discharge of the duties and responsibilities of the committee.


7. Concessions Chairperson – shall, under the guidance of the Executive Team, be


responsible for the pricing and purchasing of food and supplies for all concessions at


LLCA sponsored athletic events. He/She shall be responsible for concession staffing


and ensuring that adequate food supplies and money are available. He/She shall ensure


that concession revenues and receipts are counted and turned into the Treasurer and/or


Athletic Director at the completion of the athletic event(s).


Article IX. Vacancies


A vacancy occurring in any office or committee shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person


elected by a majority vote of the Executive Team.


Article X. Meetings of the Athletic Booster Club


Executive Team members shall be in attendance at all club meetings. The frequency of ABC


meetings is at the discretion of the Executive Team.  As a general rule, monthly meetings should


be considered standard procedure but are not mandatory if the Executive Team determines there


is not enough business to discuss or that schedule conflicts with other school activities warrant a


postponing of the meeting.  A minimum of one-week notice should be given to all members prior


to conducting a general ABC meeting.  Meetings needing to occur with less than one-week’s


notice should be published as an “Emergency Meeting” with an adequate description of the topic


requiring said meeting.


Article XI. Nominating Process


Nominations for officers and committee chairmen shall be solicited from the general


membership of the ABC.  The nominations will be evaluated by the current year’s Executive


Team for a recommendation to the general membership for a vote at the final meeting of


each school year. Suggestions for nominees may be made to the Executive Team by any


member provided the person being nominated has consented to allow his/her name to stand for


nomination.  Finally, eligibility to serve is as follows: a booster club member in good standing


with the ABC who demonstrates a concern for the success of the athletic programs at LLCA;


demonstrates qualities of spiritual maturity and are in agreement with the philosophy, doctrine,


charter, and administrative structure of the school; and gives their consent and desire to serve if


Article XII. Amendments


This charter, and the articles contained herein, may be amended by any meeting of the ABC by a


three-fourths (3/4) vote of the members present and voting, provided that notice of the proposed


amendment is communicated to all members at least ten days before the scheduled meeting.