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One day in each October is designated Dyslexia Colors Day at LLCA. Students, teachers and all staff are invited to show their support of dyslexic individuals by dressing up in Columbia blue and silver (or gray) for the day. Those who participate are not required to wear uniforms for the day. It is an opportunity to encourage your child to dress up for the day, and to talk about what dyslexia is.


LLCA Dyslexia Center

The LLCA Dyslexia Center is a special division of Lindsay Lane Christian Academy established to help families with dyslexic children. It is directed by Mrs. Cindy Hall, who has thirty years of experience as a teacher and tutor. Mrs. Hall and all the Dyslexia Center tutors are trained to use the Orton-Gillingham method. .


Our Program

The LLCA Dyslexia Center program is for students in grades K-6 that have been identified as dyslexic. Students are anchored in a mainstream classroom and receive daily instruction in language, reading, spelling, and penmanship in a small group setting with an Orton-Gillingham trained teacher. Additionally, students receive private tutoring from an Orton-Gillingham trained tutor twice each week as part of their school day. .


How Do Awareness Activities Help?

There are several benefits to awareness activities. The first benefit is the encouragement activities such as colors day brings to dyslexic students. Seeing their friends and classmates all dressed in awareness colors helps dyslexic students feel less isolated in their struggles. A second benefit is raising the question “What exactly is dyslexia?” in the minds of non-dyslexic people. Opportunities to educate and inform allows students to understand one another better, which is always a good situation! The third benefit is the way dyslexic students feel when their friends, classmates and teachers show they care by having a special dress up day just to support and better understand. .