Dyslexia Testing Services

Paula Williams conducts Dyslexia Testing at LLCA

Dyslexia Testing

LLCA Dyslexia Center is pleased to offer Dyslexia Diagnostic Testing Services. 

These services are available to LLCA students or to residents of the Athens community.

Testing to identify individuals as dyslexic is available for students in grades K - 12.


If your child struggles with reading and spelling and you suspect he or she may have a learning difference, testing will assist you in identifying the problem.  


Who administers the tests?

Mrs. Paula Williams, M.A./CCC/SLP, is our testing diagnostician. 

Mrs. Williams is the only diagnostician in North Alabama to assess K and 1st grade populations for dyslexia. 


What do the tests cover?

The testing battery includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

An nonverbal intelligence test 

Reading comprehension test

Phonemic Awareness test

Word Reading Efficiency 

Informal Assessment of Written Expression

Informal Assessment of Handwriting Skills

Assessment of Oral Language skills


When do I find out the test results?

A conference to go over the initial test results is held as soon as the tests are scored, usually within a half hour.  A more detailed, written report is mailed to the parent within two weeks. 


How will I understand what the testing results mean for my child?

In the post-testing conference, Mrs. Williams will explain the significance of your child’s test results.  She will go over options available to you in our area. The written report will include things you can do at home to help your child, technology assistance that would be appropriate for your child’s needs, suggestions for accommodations for your child’s classroom teacher, and area programs that might meet your child’s needs.  


What is the charge for testing at LLCA Dyslexia Center?

Testing costs $375. A $50 deposit to holds your testing appointment, and the balance is due at the time of the testing. Checks are made payable to Lindsay Lane Christian School. 


To schedule testing for your child, contact LLCA Mane Campus at 256-262-5323.



About Mrs. Williams

Paula Williams received her B.S. in Speech/Language Pathology in 1978 from Auburn University at Montgomery and her M.A. in 1980 from the University of Alabama. She worked with the Madison County School System for 25 years as a Speech/Language Pathologist. While working at Lynn Fanning Elementary School, she was instrumental in establishing and coordinating Orton-Gillingham based literacy intervention for 12 dyslexic/learning disabled students. Unfortunately, upon her retirement in 2005, the program was discontinued but during her 2 ½ years as classroom facilitator she was able to observe first hand the powerful impact multisensory reading intervention  had in helping learning impaired students overcome their reading and spelling difficulties. 


Currently, Mrs. Williams has a private practice in Huntsville and provides a variety of diagnostic and intervention services to area students, including dyslexia assessment/intervention, speech therapy and language intervention. Since she began her private practice, she has tested over 400 students in grades K – 12 and is one of the only diagnosticians in Alabama that assesses the kindergarten and first grade population. 


Mrs. Williams is an active member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, where she was awarded the Certificate of Clinical Competence in 1982. She is both national and state board certified as a Speech/Language Pathologist and was recently recognized for her outstanding commitment to post-graduate continuing education by receiving the ACE award from ASHA.  Mrs. Williams is also a member of the International Dyslexia Association and a founding member of the Alabama Branch of I.D.A. where she served three terms on their Board of  Directors. In addition to her training in speech and language, Mrs. Williams has completed over 125 hours of post-graduate training in the Orton-Gillingham method and has received specialized training in numerous intervention programs including Handwriting Without Tears, Language!, Wilson Language and Project Read.