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Parking Lot finished just in time!


Students’ First Day of School 2018-19

August 8 will be the first day back to school for students attending LLCA for the 2018-2019 school year.


Head of School Letter- Summer 2018 Update


Enrollment Open For New Students Starts Feb 15

Open Enrollment for new students begins February 15th.  The link will take you to our admissions page with instructions.  If you have questions, feel free to call us at one of our 3 campuses.  If you have friends or neighbors that are interested in our school, please encourage them to drop by for "Welcome Home Wednesdays" where they can be given an informational tour of the school campus. Friends may drop in on Wednesdays in the months of February through July from 9-2pm without an appointment.  Thank you for checking into our school!

PreK-1st Grades, call the "Cub"/East campus at 256-233-0411.

Pre-K, 2nd-4th Grades, call the Main campus at 256-262-5323.

5th-12th Grades, call the "Den"/West campus at 256-233-3778.

LLCA is a fully accredited, college-preparatory private Christian school that offers many advantages to students. Visit us so you may see for yourself. With all of the academic successes, the individual, specialized, and extra-curricular programs & athletics, the spiritual formation of our students remains to be the most important part of why we exist.


Kingdom Education

Glen Schultz's ten Kingdom Education principles are foundational to our school's biblical beliefs. Check it out online today! We have copies of the book in each campus office.


Save your Box Tops!

Box Tops are an easy way to earn money for our school!  Each campus is always eager to receive those you have collected to bring in.