School Lunch Orders

Please take the time to read the important information regarding ordering your child's lunch.


  • Once you start placing your child's lunch order, you will need to finish and pay to complete processing. Payment must be made at the time of the order or your child's lunch will not be ordered. Payment can be made by either electronic check or credit card.

  • Deadline to order meals for the month of August is July 31st. After July the deadline for ordering lunch will be the 25th of the month.

  • Orders can be placed starting the 5th of each month.

  • You will have until 9:00 am to cancel your child's lunch for the day. Credit will placed on your general account, not towards future lunches.


Placing Orders Through ParentsWeb

  1. After logging into ParentsWeb, expand the Student Information menu.

  2. Click Lunch

* A calendar displays indicating the items that the parent may order for his or her students.

3. Click Create Web Order to enter the lunch orders for the student. The dates for which the parent may order are displayed, listing menu items and price.

4. Type the number of items to order for the student in the QTY (quantity) column. The Total column displays the cost.

5. The Grand Total is listed at the bottom.

6. Click Order Items.

7. You will then be directed to the payment method to complete your student's lunch order.

8. Once payment has been made your student's lunch order will be available to print.


We appreciate your patience as we begin using this new system. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to call the school.