Support LLCA

Thank you for your interest in supporting Lindsay Lane Christian Academy.  As we strive to raise future generations of Champions for Christ, we are extremely grateful for the support you provide in helping us achieve God's mission for our school.  As a private educational institution, we receive no money from local, state, or federal governments.  We operate on our tuition, fund raisers, charitible gifts, and as a ministry of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church.  Your gifts and contributions have a direct impact on our ability to provide the very best for our students and families.  Thank you for helping impact our world for the glory of God!

Investing in Lindsay Lane Christian Academy is an investment in the future of our children.  In our fast- paced, day-to-day lives, we have come to expect instant payoffs or immediate results.  Your support today is not a short term investment, but a gift that will reap future rewards.  Your gift will help pay for teachers, books, supplies, and all the things needed to give our children the best Christian education in the nation. Tuition alone will not cover the costs, so we are asking for your support.  Each gift, large or small, will "make a difference."