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LLCA Art Competition Rules and Regulations

All Entries should be original composition created by the student.

All Entries should be artwork created during the current school year, under the supervision of an art teacher / instructor but with no outside assistance.

All artwork should be in good taste and pleasing to God.

The competition coordinators will retain the right to disqualify any work that, in their opinion, is in question to the above statement or that is believed to be plagiarized.

Do not submit artwork that has been prefabricated or preassembled.

Any stencils or imprints for printmaking must be handmade by the student.

Students should title their work and briefly describe how they developed the idea for the piece and be able to affirm that the work is an original.

All 2D entries should be matted appropriately. No Frames or glass will be accepted.

All 3D entries should be fixed to an appropriate surface.

Paintings done on a stretched canvas should be painted out to far edges.

Each entry must have an identification label attached to the bottom right corner.

Any size artwork will be accepted. This will be left to the discretion of the art instructor / school coordinator.

Artwork will be displayed and judged by category. Judging will begin at promptly 9:00 AM.

It is important that all artwork remain on display throughout the scheduled exhibition time.

Set up times, instructions and locations will be announced closer to April 20.


All Schools participating in this competition are required to have adequate insurance coverage for their students and sponsors/teachers. Lindsay Lane Christian Academy does not assume responsibility for these coverages.


Competition categories:

Monochromatic drawing (pencil, charcoal, chalk, ink)

Polychromatic drawing (colored pencil, colored ink, pastels)

Painting (watercolor/ tempera / acrylic / oil)

Mixed media (Mixed media pieces can also be entered in its dominant category)

Graphic design / calligraphy (abstract designs and patterns / hand lettering)

3-D art (pottery – wheel or hand sculpted / 3-D Sculpture)

Printmaking (etching, engraving, silk screen)

Digital photography (black and white / color)

Paper art (mosaic/collage, altered art, quilling)

It is the responsibility of the school coordinator to ensure that no piece infringes on copyright law


**judging categories will be 4th-6th grade / 7th-9th grade / 10th-12th grade.

**Each entry will be adjudicated by two different judges.

**There will be a first, second and third place ribbon in each category, along with a best in show for each grade section. (Best in show will receive an extra bonus!)

**Each student will be allowed to enter in up to three categories.

**There is a $10 registration fee for the first entry and $5 for each additional entry (up to 3 entries per student).This covers the cost of the awards, judges and other expenses incurred at the art competition. Late Entries add $2 per entry.

**There is a $25 participation / registration fee per school to help cover the cost of the facility.

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