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Recommended Readings


  • www.BrightSolutions.US - Ms. Barton is selling a remediation system, but she has a wealth of great information presented in easy to understand units.  Good video clips too.

  • - A wealth of information is on this site, as well as ways to help advocate. 

  • This site explains a lot of the background of the approach, training, and standards for those who aspire to teach dyslexic students.

  • This site is primarily for parents, although there is info there for teachers and tutors too.  Good for solutions and suggestions to frequent frustrations in parenting dyslexic or ADD/ADHD learners. 

  • - A personal favorite of Mrs. Hall, this site features articles for students, parents, teachers as well as latest in research. 



  • Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz - for parents to read.  This is the classic modern reference book on dyslexia.

  • Parenting a Struggling Reader by Hall and Moats - for parents to read, one of the authors has a dyslexic child. 

  • Thinking Differently: An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities by David Fink - for parents to read.  The author is himself dyslexic, and has lots of encouragement and great insights,

  • The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan by Ben Foss -  for parents to read.  The author himself is dyslexic, and he has a unique way of looking at learning, reading, what is success, and parenting a struggling student.  Great advice and ideas.

  • Hank Zipzer book series by Henry Winkler and Lynn Oliver - chapter books for kids grade 3 and up, with a dyslexic main character. 

  • It’s Called Dyslexia - to read with your dyslexia child

  • Consider getting Orton-Gillingham training yourself!  Parents who are experts in dyslexia are better able to help their children.

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