Dyslexia FAQ's

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is unexpected difficulty in learning to read, spell and express one’s self in writing in one’s native language.

How common is Dyslexia?

One in five people have dyslexia to some degree.

What makes us suspect my child has Dyslexia?

Children in elementary school who are not able to read and spell on a par with their classmates despite effort on their part, children with very poor handwriting skills despite effort on their part merit a closer look to see if the trouble may be dyslexia.

How do I know if my child has Dyslexia?

Testing is available to identify dyslexia, including a breakdown of the areas of reading and spelling causing the child difficulty. Testing for dyslexia is a prerequisite for entering the LLCA Dyslexia Program.

How much does testing cost?

Costs range from free testing (with a lengthy waiting list) to private testing from $350 to $450.

How does the LLCA Dyslexia Program work?

Specialized instruction in language, reading, spelling and penmanship is given in small groups of dyslexic students by grade level daily. These subjects are taught using Orton-Gillingham principles and practices. Orton-Gillingham private tutoring is scheduled for each Dyslexia Center student multiple times per week. Students enrolled in the program are anchored in the mainstream classroom, where they receive instruction in math, Bible, history and science from the classroom teacher with accommodations as necessary. Lunch, recess and special classes are all shared with the mainstream classmates.

Is there an additional fee for the LLCA Dyslexia Program?

Yes the program is an additional $375 per month above tuition.

How do I enroll my child in the LLCA Dyslexia Program?

The first step is to have testing for dyslexia. While it is recognized that all children are gifts from God, and each is uniquely God’s creation, only those with a testing based identification as dyslexic are candidates for LLCA’s Dyslexia Program. After testing, contact Cindy Hall at the Lindsay Lane Mane Campus or email her at llca.cindy@lindsaylane.org to set up interviews about admission to the Dyslexia Center.