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Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund


The Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund believes that parents know the best way to help their children find success. They believe that every child is unique and that every child learns differently. AOSF was created to empower low-income parents to choose what is best for their child.


Rocket City Scholarship Granting Organization


Not all schools are the same – and of course, not all students and families are the same – Rocket City SGO provides families from Huntsville and the surrounding communities with a true choice in the education of their children.  They believe parents know the best way to help their children succeed.  They are there to offer families the opportunity to give their children the educational tools to help them reach his or her potential.

Income eligible K-12th grade students are able to attend a qualifying school of their parents’ choice. They partner with quality schools to ensure that students are receiving a quality education and an education that fits their individual needs

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