LLCA Youth Cheer

Registration dates:  Friday, September 16th  through Saturday, October 1st


Our Cheer program is led by Keri Baugher and is made up of girls from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Last year we had 61 girls in all and a great season of fun! There are 2 teams of mini cheer. Kindergarten-1st grade and 2nd-5th grade. *We are currently looking for 2-3 coaches for the younger squad. 

Practices for the 2nd-5th grade squad will take place at the Main Campus/FLC  Mondays and Fridays 3:15-4:30  The younger team will be able to practice at the Cub Campus after school per the availability of the coaches. During the practices, our girls will be learning cheers, half-time routines and a dance.


The schedule of games that our teams will be cheering at will be announced after the youth basketball schedule has been set. Our team will also have the opportunity to perform a halftime routine at one of the Varsity girls basketball games, as well as participate in the Athens Christmas parade! We are excited that our girls will get to be a part of the tradition that is the Athens Christmas Parade. More details to come, but be sure to note on the form if you are able to help in the planning of our float! The parade is always so much fun! Come be a part of it with us!


*Girls who cheer also have the opportunity to play basketball, since the games to cheer are set after the basketball schedule. Coach Keri will do her best to work with the girls who play. There will also be a $15 discount on the basketball fee if they participate in both. More information on our Limestone County youth basketball league can be found on the youth basketball tab. 


Last year we were excited to be ordering new uniforms. The plan was for the both teams  to use these uniforms another year if at all possible. However, due to supply issues we are unable to get the same uniform/reorder. In an effort to be able to use as many of the uniforms from last year as possible Coach Keri and I would like to ask the older girls from last year (that will be on the 2-5th grade team this year) to allow the younger girls to either borrow the uniform, give it to them, or allow them to purchase a uniform from you. Keri and I both will help facilitate finding uniforms from last year in the correct size. 

This also means that if you were in Kindergarten last year, cheered and the uniform from last year still fits or looks nice; it can be worn. If it doesn’t fit or you are now on the 2nd-5th grade team it can be passed down to a younger player.  

Please note we will be ordering a new set of uniforms for ALL 2nd -5th graders on the older team. 


*Fitting Day! Mark your calendar Tuesday, September 27th

ALL registered cheerleaders will need to be at the Family Life Center immediately following carline to get sized for their uniform. 3:00-4:00 

* If your cheerleader can’t be there you must email to make arrangements prior to September 27th. Please be sure to note on the registration form if your player will be there and has permission to walk over after school with the coach. 


If you would be interested in helping, Coach Keri,  this season please email me at