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Youth Track and Field  

Registration is open....Sign up your athlete today! Open from  1/23 - 2/8 


Excited for our 2nd year of Youth Track and Field 2023 Spring!


 Track and Field for our 4th-6th grade boys and girls. Lindsay Lane Youth Sports will be participating in Track and Field through the H.I.S.L. which includes other private Christian schools in the Huntsville area. 

Track is a sport that lends itself to be potentially played in conjunction with either baseball or Flag Football. 


Our athletes will be participating in 3 regular meets in events that are age appropriate against athletes in the same grades and gender. For example 4th grade girls running against other 4th grade girls. There are opportunities for a co-ed team event, as well as, individual events. Athletes can decide after signing up which event(s) they would like to participate in. Track practices will take place at Lindsay Lane 1-2 times per week and can begin as soon as sign-ups are closed. Meets take place during April and beginning of May. 

Running Event List


50 Meter Dash 

100 Meter Dash 

200 Meter Dash 

400 Meter Dash 

800 Meter Dash 

1600 Meter run 


4 x 100 Meter Relay 

4 x 400 Meter Relay – 5/6th Grade Girls


Field Events

Long Jump  

High Jump

Softball Throw


*A student may enter no more than four running and/or field events total. For example, a student may participate in two running and two field events, or any combination so long as they do not exceed four events per meet.

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